Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wonderland of Christmas at Whight's Nursery

This is a fun, free event we try to do each year.  This year, I did not let everyone (or anyone for that matter!) take from Thanksgiving to New Year's I wasn't sure if we would find the time for it.  As it turns out, they start this on November 1st!  We went the day before Thanksgiving (because all of the children who needed to do the standardized testing, were finished by then, so earned that day off!).  There were no crowds.  There were only about 8 other people in the store besides employees!  This tends to be a very busy place, and it was so carefree, and relaxed without the crowd - even with my crew!

They have an incredible Christmas village set up.

And lots of decorated trees, which are numbered and we get to vote for our favorite!

I think showing up before Thanksgiving is our new tradition!

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