Thursday, January 9, 2014


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Chris' sister does a great job organizing this event to be fun and memorable.

These are Serenity's and Callie's leaves for what they are thankful for.  Seren is thankful for her Jessie doll, and Callie is thankful that God made sunshine and flowers.

Callie and Grandpa Pence having wheel chair races!

Talent show.

Callie's siblings really like her wheelchair, too!

Judah discovered that he could make his own 2nd (or 4th, I kind of lost count, and he really  just kept eating all day long - this is HIS kind of holiday, lol!) round at the food table in the wheelchair...and he is almost TOO GOOD at maneuvering it around!

Clean up at the end of a very long day.

Did I mention the 'long' part of the day?

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all!

We certainly have so very much to be thankful for this year.  What a joy it is to get to spend my days raising my children.  What an incredible blessing it is to have each of these precious miracles around me every day, to watch them grow, dry their tears, celebrate their milestones, encourage their weaknesses, learn along side them, and laugh with them each and every day.  There is honestly NOTHING ELSE I would rather be doing in this season!  God is so faithful, so good, so generous to all of us.  This year, we have had the opportunity to usher 4 babies from the womb to heaven's gate, watched our twins blossom into teenagers, and truly amazing young ladies, witnessed the amazing personality that God has given Judah to really shine through, seen Ashley really take on a lot more responsibility because of her increased maturity and laugh with her and her budding sense of humor, we have seen Serenity turn into such a ray of sunshine, as she has gone from a toddler to a little girl this year, Brianna has matured and grown and changed so much that she would need her own post to talk about it - and, Lord willing, I will get there, lol - Justice keeps us laughing and on our toes each and every day, it is so fun to see the differences that God has ingrained between having girls and boys, he is such a rough and tumble little guy, while also being a gentleman who loves to use his big strong muscles to help around the house and farm!  And then there is Callie, who has become so capable over the last year.  She is now able to carry dishes to and from the table, and loves being able to help out more with her improved balance...

I really could go on and on about each of them...

My amazing husband, is also such a wonderful blessing beyond measure!  To have a partner in this life, who keeps my focus on our Savior, who encourages me to be better than I am, who also desires for me to stay at home, while he works hard to earn a good living for our amazing family.  Who is such a compassionate, caring, kind, strong, capable, husband, provider, priest, prophet, and protector.

We are blessed with a house that is just what we need for right now, 5 acres upon which we are able to raise much of our own meat and eggs, vehicles that are usually reliable.  We have a plentiful well, indoor plumbing, hot water, wood floors (this ALONE makes us wealthier than 70% of the world's population!)...and so much more.  

To write of all that God has done for us this year, would take several I will leave it at this.  I am so in awe of our incredible Savior, God of the universe, who can hold the entire universe in the span of His hand, who created the beasts of the earth, (including the dinosaurs), the fish of the sea (including laviathan), the birds of the air, who gave the sea its boundaries, created all the laws of physics, created science, is a God of order, so that math and science make sense...and yet, who sent His Son, who lived a perfect life, that I could not, and then payed the penalty for MY sin, so that I would not have to, in order that I, even I, chief among sinners, would be seen as acceptable to God on high.

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  1. Wow, Michelle, that was amazing. You are so blessed and also such a blessing. I was so heart broken when I heard about your loss this past year, but did not realize that your lost 4. Your treasure in heaven is growing. I am so sorry for your loss, but continue to rejoice with your blessings. Thank you so much for sharing. I miss you more than I can say. Love you ALL!!!