Sunday, January 19, 2014

Teenagers in the House!

Happy Birthday to my incredibly smart, wonderful, creative, beautiful, funny, inventive, sweet, compassionate, helpful, twins!  13 years old.  I really can hardly believe it.  I have TEENAGERS.  When they were littles, I used to be really concerned about when they got to be 'school age' because that is when my sweet preschool daycare kids, turned into mouthy, sassy, little people who I really, honestly struggled to be around...and yet I wanted to homeschool...well, they made it to 5 and 6, and were still their amazing selves...but people said, 'just wait until they are teenagers!'

I can honestly say (we are now more than a month into having teenagers!) it is the BEST!

Unfortunately, Anna wasn't feeling great by the evening. :-(

But we made the most of it anyway.

We started with talking about choices.  I made up a few poems (it is ok to laugh...and I told this to the girls, before I read them the first one - poetry is NOT my speciality!)

So while looking at these two gifts (that the menfolk of the house brought in and laboriously set down in front of them), I read the following.

A Double blessing is what you are.
If I could, I would give you a car.
I can't, so I won't, it's ok, you can't drive!
A choice you must make.
You must not lift, rattle or shake.
Anna came first, so Bailey now decides.

Bailey chose...

Inside those boxes, they found another poem.

Anna got the following:

Sweet treats were found,
And choices abound.
As you grow, you will learn,
All things in life,
All choices come with a price.
For now, that choice is the share or to keep.

(She got a box of candy canes inside this great big box.)

Bailey got the following:

Another box, but only for one.
Keep going, we've only just begum!
You have had to share from the start,
It has helped make you generouse and smart
Continue to share, it is only fair!

So they both opened the next box.

Again, they found another poem, along with 2 more boxes.

Life is full of choices of all kinds,
Big, little, fun; for your minds.
Here is the next choice,
Anna choose either red of snowflakes.
Though these contents are meant to
be shared, which will you open?

We got them some new books to read, along with a letter.

"To our precious twins,
"Life is truly filled with choices.  As you are now leaving your childhood years behind, you have become amazing young ladies who we are so proud of!  Some of the choices you will make now, are becoming much more important.  Some of them may even affect the rest of your life.  It is true that most of your choices are not quite that important, but there are some things that are.
"For example, will you choose to guard your heart and remain pure for your husband?  Or will you, as your mind changes with the normal process of growing up, revealing new feelings and thoughts, will you give parts of your heart away to others?  This may seem like an easy thing right now, but there will be times when you may be challenged in this over the next several years.
Another example, from the life of your Grandma Lynne:  Will you choose to be like others, or choose to stand on your own convictions?  My mom was your age when she started smoking and drinking alcohol.  "What kind of choices will you make in this area?  What if someone were to offer you something?
What about God?  You are now at an age where you have to really make up your mind about what you believe.  Do you believe what your parents have taught you about God?  Will you choose to follow, love and obey Him throughout your lives?  Will you choose to save your heart for a godly man, who God reveals for a husband?  And will you seek guidance for this decision?  Will you choose to raise your children according to His Word?
"These are all choices that you must make.  We want you to start thinking about the choices we make and their consequences.  Some are good.  Such as, I practiced piano and met all of my goal, and my consequence is that I earned candy.
"As you are getting older, you are gaining responsibility, but you are also gaining more privileges.  Your daddy and I pray for you each day.  As you enter into this new stage of life, where we are more of advisors to you, we pray that you would use godly wisdom, and seek godly counsel and pray for wisdom.  Proverbs speaks a lot of the choices that we make and their consequences.  We love you.  We are proud of you.  We pray that you would make wise choices.
"You are both beautiful creative, fully energetic, loving, generous, kind, smart, musical, caring, helpful, strong young ladies, who we are so very proud of.  You are both incredible blessings, a double blessing for sure!  Thank you so much for being such wonderful daughters, great examples for your younger siblings, thoughtful, imaginative and joyouse!
We love you so very much!"

Along with this letter of choices, they gained the privilege of getting to stay up with the grown ups without an actual bedtime.  Though, we as their parents did reserve the right to tell them it is time to head to bed if we feel they need it!

Grandma and Grandpa gave them each a pair of very pretty (and grown up looking!) earrings.  

And by the end of the night, Anna had really crashed...with the illness that it had looked like she had avoided the week before...

And oh, what fun it has been to have teenagers!  We have started an evening, Bible study together.  We are having fun playing more grown up games, watching some more grown up movies, and talking together.  They are such an amazing blessing!

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  1. I wish you had a box that says "love" I would have checked that. I am so enjoying watching these young ladies grow to be women. They are beautiful and great examples to other women their age and older, as well as being great examples to their siblings. You are Christopher are doing such a great job raising them and all of your children. Keep up the great work!!

    Happy birthday, Anna and Bailey. We are so proud of you and love you Lots!!!