Thursday, January 9, 2014

Over the sound and across the bridge to grandmother's house we go...

Ok, so maybe that didn't QUITE work out in the song...but it is getting kind of late for me, and I am a bit tired, lol!

Judah and I took a trip to see my grandparents in Sequim.  It is about an hour's drive to the ferry dock, then we had an hour wait, a 20 minute boat ride, then another hour drive to get to their house.

Judah absolutely LOVED the ferry ride.

He liked watching the seagulls, and looking for other ferries,

He liked being outside to see the water and feel the wind (ok, not really the wind...we went to the BACK of the boat so it wasn't so windy!)

I can hardly believe how fast this little guy is growing up!

Judah did a great job keeping his hands to himself, and following directions while we were there!  So much so, that my grandparents kept commenting on how well behaved he is, and how he is just such a little gentleman.  It was very sweet!

My grandpa did something he has NEVER done...he asked (REPEATEDLY!) if he could hold Judah.  At first, Judah wouldn't have any of it, but after Great Grandpa gave him some cookies, Judah was happy to comply with sitting on his lap for a few minutes.

This trip was actually to say good-bye to Beta.  My grandpa seemed very happy to see him...which is good!  Beta needs someone to talk to, and to keep him company.  We need to space in the house, and every little thing we can get rid of that is taking time or space, is truly a blessing!  We are moving to only having animals that provide something for the family...more on that as the spring unfolds!

Then I asked my grandma to sit with Judah to take a picture with him for his scrapbook.  (This is the first time that either of them have met Judah.)

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  1. how fun for Judah to have you all to himself for a while. I am sorry to hear you had to give Beta back to your grandparents. I know what it means though to be able to use your space wisely and with a growing family you have to make every inch count.