Monday, January 20, 2014

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Evaluations

Well, it is January again, which means another NT eval.  This one went great!  I was excited to show Miss Cyndi Callie's progress in her walking.  I knew she had made progress, but I had no idea just how MUCH progress!  Wow.  She is doing great!  Having the opportunity to do the gait training, and learning the progression of improving Callie's gait was not just a wonderful experience for her, but a valuable education for me.  I was there every day, and learned a LOT.  We have then continued at home, either on a walk in the community or on our own treadmill.

Here is a short clip of her doing gait training on our treadmill at home.

Callie also gained 5 months worth of progress in her reading, substantial progress in her math fact retention, and considerable gains in her coordination.

Callie managed to get about 75% of her total program done last time, which was great for how long it was.  I asked for a shorter program this time, and what Cyndi wrote for us is just about perfect!

Brianna also made fabulous progress!  She has built many of the foundational level synoptic pathways that she needed to build, has gained more than a year's worth of reading, 8 month worth in reading comprehension, and almost a year in her math skills!  Her coordination is right where it should be, as are her conversation ability and problem solving/antithetical skills!  Her dominance is also almost entirely moved to the right side (which is where it should be).  Brianna will be going back in 1 year for a final evaluation to graduate from NT!  She has done awesome, and combined with the dietary changes we have made, and the NAET treatments she is receiving, she is progressing very, very well!

I have noticed for quite some time that my littles also have a bit of neurological 'disorganization' and thought I would start to address this.  I asked if Cyndi would look at their hair and see if she would confirm what I am seeing.  (Cowlicks, or funny parts are signs of neurological disorganization, and Seren and J both have some issues there.)  I asked if she could give them, 'just a few things' to work on as I just don't' have time for any more full programs.  I also asked about specific issues I am seeing and having, like with J's speech and 'breathing while talking' and Seren's emotional sensitivities.

She looked at all of them, had them do a few things each, like army crawling (something I thought she would at least ask about - and I discovered that for the last 2 weeks of trying to get them to army crawl - they CAN'T.  At ALL.), and looked at their feet.  She gave me several things to do with them...probably more than I should have let her, lol!  J has 25 items to do each day, Seren has 20, and Judah has 10!  (I was thinking like 4-6 things for each of them!) is a good thing that Brianna can do many of her things independently, and that Callie has a shorter program, so that I have the time to work with the little 3.  The hope here, is that by doing this, we can avoid them needing to have an official appointment!  She looked at all 3 of them and gave us things to do free of charge...something I am grateful that she was willing to do!

All in all, it was a great appointment!  Everyone did awesome (I had the children on my own in Anacortes for the day, and the twins did an amazing job keeping everyone occupied and happy!)

We will be skipping the May evals, and continuing with what we have until September.  We have a lot going on right now, fixing fences, looking into more animals, breeding the dogs, the fair this summer, as well as hopefully, another gait training study for Callie.  We are not even attempting to maintain the 80% through all of this.  We will try to maintain 50-60% so that we can take off some time for all of the things we have going on here...then go back in September for Callie and possibly Justice, depending on the changes that I see in him between now and then.  Brianna will go back Next January for a last evaluation.

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