Monday, January 20, 2014


I first heard of the NAET allergy treatments on a friend's blog.  She was able to clear her son's peanut allergy so that he no longer has one!

I was told of a practitioner who practices this technique on Thanksgiving, and got Brianna in about 2 weeks later.  She has now had about 17 treatments.  The results have been amazing!  She is not reacting as severely to anything it seems, and she is clearing very fast!  Now, the rash that would take 5 days to clear, along with behavioral and emotional reactions, clears in less than 1 day!

She is also now able to eat more foods, such as night shade veggies, dairy products and dry beans.  We are excited to clear rice this week so that she is able to eat rice again!

Brianna is happier, she laughs more, the dark circles under her eyes are lightening up, and even almost going away and her eyes twinkle again.  Her skin is getting less reactive, and more smooth.  She is now excelling in her academics rather than struggling.

Neurodevelopmental therapy has really helped her, as well as getting her diet under control due to her food allergies.  With the NAET, the hope is that we will not have to be as careful, if she wants to cheat, she can!  Though we likely will not have much if any gluten in her diet (or any of ours) because it is hard for EVERYONE to digest, if she has something at a pot luck, it won't mean 5 days of a really clean diet to get her back!

Right now, she is going in 3 times/week, and while it is expensive, it is well worth it, too!  She is getting better and better!  She has about 20 more appointments that we know of right now, and we hope to make it through those in the next 2 months.  Many of her allergens, I have suspected.  The biggest surprise was actually her allergy to plastic, and just how bad it was!  We have now treated her for it, and overall, she is doing much better!  The treatments can be done as close together as every 6 hours.  So we are starting to do 2 on one day, then going to the zoo to kill time between appointments.  Otherwise, I have to take her down to North Seattle 3 times/week...and starting next week, we are dropping that down to 2 times/week because of the time and energy and expense.  But we do plan on finishing what we have started for her.

We thank and praise God for the non-invasive, true answers that He has lead us to over the years for our children.  And this is certainly one of those things!

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  1. I have been praying for a break through for Brianna with her food issues. I am glad you have found something that is working so well. Good job of being so proactive for all of your children.