Sunday, January 19, 2014

Museum of Flight

We have recently read about the Wright brothers and Jacob DeShazer (who was a WWII bombardier who flew in the DooLittle Raids on Japan).  We went to the museum with Uncle Jann, also known as Faux-Pa. 

Who came ready to tell us all about all that we were seeing with his lazer pointer!

We had the opportunity to compare the navy planes to the air force planes, the fighters to the bombers, look at the differences between all of these...and to really understand the significance of the plane Jacob DeShazer flew in taking off on the carrier.

This is just such a cool plane that I will mention it.  It is a WWI plane, that was found in the countryside in Italy about 30 years ago.  it is still in very good condition, so much so, that the museum decided NOT to restore it, but to leave it as it was found!

This was such an incredible thing for us!  Jacob DeShazer, flew in one of these planes, the B-25 Mitchell Bomber during the doolittle raids.  The museum does not have one.  BUT a private citizen happened to have landed one at the airstrip across the street from the museum.  AND when we went there, they just happened to be getting it ready to take off.  We decided to stay and watch.

Everyone spent about 20 minutes just hanging out just outside the fence to the airport...

As soon as the sun went down, it started to get very cold, but in the light of the setting sun, we got to watch the following:

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