Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Head Shots

One of the things Cyndi asked me to do was to take 'head shots' of the younger ones, who's swirl we can see.  It is a very accurate indicator of what side dominance should be and of neurological disorganization.

Judah, who doesn't really have a singular, predominate swirl...but rather, has a primary left (counter-clockwise) on the right side, and a small right handed swirl towards the left.

Justice, who has a strange little cow lick in the front (the little curl),

And a cow lick on the side...

And a very predominate right hand swirl in the back.  The trouble here is that he chooses to use his left hand LOTS...always has...and is likely supposed to be RIGHT handed.  I will stop here and say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being left handed.  As long as your brain is WIRED for you to be left handed.  From conception, your brain is wired to either be left or right, and that is the hand that you should use.

Then there is Serenity.  Here her hair was a bit wet...

And here it is dry.

She has two primary looking swirls, going in opposite directions.

Cyndi Ringoen wanted us to take pictures of this because as we keep doing therapy on the littles, the swirls will change with the organization of their brains!  I am looking forward to seeing this change and progress.  Here is the before...and I will post pictures again in a few months.  Here's hoping that this will help some of their little issues and quirks so that they can relate better to people, be better organized in their life, and learn more easily!

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  1. I love all the new side bar photos. Now you just need a new one of the family and Christopher.:)