Monday, January 20, 2014

Going to the Zoo!

We had a planned trip to the zoo so that we could kill time between 2 NAET appointments that Brianna had...more on NAET in the next post!

We had about 5 hours at the zoo, which is just about perfect for my crew!

Serenity just looked so big washing her hands by herself at the short sink!

This is one of the most photographed trees, possibly in the area.  But we normally only get one branch.  I thought I would actually get the whole tree, because it really is quite pretty!

Here is the angel we normally get!

My children are just as impressed with a waterfall as they are with the animals!

We spent a lot of time indoors because it was quite cold on this day.

This is the Tropical Rain Forest exhibit.

And here we are at Zoomazium, an indoor playground and educational center for the zoo.

This one always scares me when my littles walk
right up to the edge with no railings, lol!

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