Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting and Decorating our Christmas Tree

Callie is sporting a new walker, that God led us to for just $25!

It is taller, and fits her better...

But she has to learn how to use the higher center of gravity - especially on uneven surfaces!

She took the fall in stride, even laughing about being a turtle stuck on her back, lol!

We let the children pick out our rather unconventional Christmas didn't have a 'real' top to it, more like 6 or so branches at the top.  It did however fit more ornaments that way!

Bailey would like me to point out that her head touches the ceiling, and Grandma's DOESN'T!

I made a rule this year that I really like.  Whatever we want out for Christmas decorations, MUST be out the day after Thanksgiving, tree, ornaments, lights, and other must all be brought down, set up, and the bins put away by the end of the day.  If no one chose to get something out, it gets put back really simplified both the set up and the clean up this year!

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  1. We had a very unconventional tree this year, it wasn't even a pine tree, it was a cedar tree, but it was free, because Ralph and Hannah cut it down on our property. And it turned out beautiful. I LOVE all the photos of your children, but you need to give them the camera so you can be in some of the photos too:) (I miss seeing your beautiful smile.)