Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cute pics of the last week of the year

The children spent much of their time off of school working on their new projects and playing with their new toys.

This year, everyone did a GREAT job picking just the right things for each person, and it showed with how busy they were during their off time!

This is a box that Seren used for several days as 'her chair'.  It was very cute!

And this brings us to the end of December.  The end of yet another year that God has sustained us.
We have so much to be so very thankful for in this year.  We pray that God would continue to bless us, try us in the fire, teach us to rely on Him for everything, and to be content in all things.  We pray that God would help each of us choose to honor Him in everything we choose to do in the year to come.

I will keep trying to get the blog caught up for the last few weeks in this upcoming week.  We have been so busy that it has only been in the last week that we have had ANY home days this year so far...thankfully things are slowing down to their normal pace again!

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