Monday, January 27, 2014

A very full day!

We started off with a NAET appointment for Brianna.  She was cleared of her allergy to 3 hormones in her body, DHEA, Cortisone, and Growth hormone.

Then we headed to the zoo.

This was *my* favorite exhibit, lol!

The baby giraffe keeps getting bigger and bigger!  He is so cute!

We checked out the huts and houses in the African village.

Then we decided it was too cold for our littles, who are still not feeling great.

We headed for McDonald's, well, because they have an indoor playground!

Then it was back to Dr. Brucks, where Brianna and I had back to back appointments in the afternoon.  Since we had 2 appointments back to back, I let the girls bring their tablets to entertain themselves and the littles during the appointment.  

Brianna had caffeine and chocolate allergies cleared.   She is looking forward to having a cup of hot cocoa after this!

This was my first appointment, and the first time I have had muscle testing done on me.  It was very interesting to feel the strength leave my arm, and have no ability or strength to keep it up on things that I have a negative reaction to.  So far, I am allergic to more than Brianna!  AND, apparently, my chronic anemia that I have had all my life, is an allergy to iron...who knew?!

The next step for us, is to order an 'at home allergy kit' to see if we are able to use a similar technique to clear the allergies on our own - and for much less money!  After I do some self treatments, I will go back and see if the muscle testing shows that it has cleared.  At the very least, it should be an interesting experiment!

The plan is that if the at home allergy treatments work, to then use those on everyone else, because it is very likely that everyone has pretty much the same allergies around here!  Otherwise, we will likely have Brianna (who is looking GREAT!) finish up with the NAET appointments.  So...our Mondays, for the next 5 weeks anyway, are very busy!


  1. Wow, very interesting. I never knew someone could be allergic to iron. Will this testing be able to help you get over the allergy? I knew you had a lot of allergies. It will be great to find out the specifics and be able to find a way to improve your over all health.

  2. Lanita, I am not just allergic to iron, but to calcium, vit C, and B vitamins, among a great deal of other things.

    But we are very hopeful that we will be able to cure this with NAET. Brianna is doing so much better, it is almost unbelievable!

    The trouble is that it is cost prohibitive. However, we have found a potential 'at home' technique that would do the same thing...we are going to test it on me. Now that I have done the muscle testing, I will switch over to the at home allergy kit, then go back in 3 weeks after I finish the at home kit to see if I still test positive for the allergens that I have treated at home.

  3. Michelle,
    I will be praying that you can get to the bottom of all of this and find great relief. Praising God that Brianna is vastly improved. I know it is a relief to you and to her. May she enjoy lots of hot chocolate!!