Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pumpkin Parable

We had friends over this year to do the pumpkin parable with.

First we cleaned the outside of the pumpkins.
Then asked if they were 'clean'.

Then we opened up the pumpkins to see if their 'hearts' were clean.  We talked about the scripture that Jesus said that we wash the outside, but inside is filthy.

We then proceeded to get the 'sin' (pumpkin guts) out of the pumpkin.

But that is not where God's work of redemption, salvation and ultimately sanctification ends.

God not only takes out the bad, but fills us with joy, which is why our pumpkins need to have a happy face!

And He puts His light in us.

We add cinnemon to make our pumpkins smell like pumpkin pie when the candles are lit!

Then we put the candles in, to symbolize God's light shining out of us.

We had a great time!  It is always a joy to teach my children (and others) about Christ and the power of the gospel in a hands on manor!

And here is the end result of this year's pumpkin carving!

Pumpkin artists, from left, Anna, Tirzah, Hannah, Ashley, Priscilla, Justice, Brianna, Serenity, Sabrina, Callie.

Everyone did such a great job!

I love to see the creativity of my children (and their friends)!

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