Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making The Most Of It

We had no power.

The thing about that is just not knowing how long it will last.  10 minutes?  2 hours?

We were out running errands during the day.  From just about the time the power went out, just after lunch until almost dinner time.

We decided we needed to go do something else for dinner.  We didn't want to open the fridge or freezers.  We do not keep much on hand that we can grab and eat.  It requires cooking.

Here is the dark house and the well lit bus.

We went to McDonald's where we could get food (sort of?  Almost?  Alright, we could fill our stomachs!) and the children could play indoors, where there is heat, and light until bedtime.

Grandma came with us.

Grandpa stayed home working on a report in his nice warm, well lit camper, lol!

(It made me wish that the motor home was an option!)

Back at home it was still dark...

Grandpa brought in a car battery and a converter...

Which gave us HEAT...for about 2 hours.  Which was much better than nothing, as the house was very cold.

25 hours after the power outage started, we got power back on.  And I am so very thankful for heat, running water, my stove and oven, hot water, and lights!

(Being on a well, when we have no power, we have no water!)

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