Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Serenity!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, energetic, cute beyond words little 3 year old Serenity!

I can hardly believe that she is already 3 years old.

She is such a cute, funny, precious little girl with a BIG imagination!  She absolutely loves to play pretend.  It is reminiscent of Ashley when she was this age.

She is also very into Disney's Toy Story.

Jessie is her favorite character!  She runs around saying, "I am Jessie!  Run like the wind Bullseye!"

Serenity can play pretend with just about anything!  She can take rocks and make up an entire show with them.  Or buttons.  Or paper clips.  Or...well, you get the idea!

She loves to play with Justice and Callie.  She asked me the other day if, because she woke up early from naps, she could 'wake up J and Cowlie' (this is how she pronounces Callie), because she was 'just too lonely.'  It was cute.  But not a good enough reason to wake them up, lol!

Serenity loves to help out.  Whether it is making a meal, snack, caring for animals, or cleaning up, she loves to help out!

Other cute things Serenity says include:

"Oh, dat is a gweat idea!"

"What's a towgirl without a hat?"

"Tome on, Dudah, let's doe play!"

"I don't want to till Roy." (very sad and down trodden - this was a rmean old rooster who was killed weeks ago!)

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  1. What a beautiful little lady. I cannot believe that she is 3 years old already. Time sure flies when you are not looking. Happy birthday, Miss Serenity!! (I know you do not remember us though.) Love, The Noa's