Thursday, December 5, 2013

Disappointing Appointment Update

After my appointment, I spend 2 days researching spiraling of bones.  The doctor was unsure of whether it was upper or lower leg bones that were spiraled, and said it would take a CT scan to determine it.  But that is a very invasive procedure for a 6 year old, usually requiring general anesthetic.

There is a lot of scary info out there about this!

I emailed back and forth with Callie's neurodevelopmentalist, Cyndi Ringoen.  She assured me that bones completely remodel themselves every 7 years.  So if we improve her form, with the tension being released, they will remodel closer and closer to normal over time.  She explained it is the deference in philosophy.  Medical doctors operate on the premise that form determines function.  Neurodevelopmental therapy's philosophy says that function determines form.  In the former, she can only attain to THIS level because of her form.  The latter says that if we change the way she moves in this case, we actually change the form of her body, bones, muscles, etc.  It is certainly a route with a great deal more hope and more to strive to achieve for Callie!

Cyndi also reminded me that medical doctors are trained in medicine and surgery - those ARE their tools, and they tend to be against anything outside of their tool box.

Then we took Callie to Dr. Patrick.  Who worked on Callie.  I explained this appointment, and he thought this doctor was ridiculous, too!  The amazing thing, is that after the appointment, the so called 'test' that this doctor gave us to prove she had spiraled bones, no longer came out with the same result!

Dr. Patrick does NOT think that Callie has any spiraling of her leg bones.  He did confirm that it is possible for it to happen, but the way we keep as much pressure off as possible with her therapy and bringing her to see him, he doesn't foresee it being an issue for her.

In all, this was a week of stress, strain, worry, and lots of needless research.  But I am so glad to have this alternative medicine route for Callie.  She has far exceeded all of the expectations that traditional western medicine has said would limit her...and she is not done yet!  We are still seeing some wonderful changes and progress to her gross motor abilities!

At the end of Callie's Dr. Patrick appointment, I told him that I wasn't sure why I keep going to traditional doctors, and he reminded me of that hope of finding someone else who can help, and that I would likely do it next time, too...and he is right.  I am willing to do as much as we can to help Callie with her walking/mobility and overcoming her cp.

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