Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where the Rubber Meets The Road

This is right about when therapy gets *really* tough.  

Not that anything is inherently difficult.  Or even that there have been any changes.  Actually, it is the opposite!  We are almost 1/2 way through this therapy session (a 4 month period of time between when new programs are written).  So for the last (almost) 8 weeks (Thursday we will have complete 8 weeks), we have done the SAME 94 activities each day. 

All things considered, I feel really good about the consistency we have had so far this session!  Most activities have been done more than 80%, which is my goal.  Brianna has been so very consistent with her program.  I am so proud of how independent she has been with things.  She has grown so much in her reading and math skills!  She has just started to read chapter books.  The child, who at 6, couldn't even recognize her letters, let alone say the sound they make, is now, at 8 reading chapter books!  What a difference the neurodevelopmental approach has made for her.  We are so excited about her progress and growth academically!

Callie has not been as consistent as Brianna.  She is not able to do as many things independently.  She needs help to at least get things set up most of the time.  She is doing very well with her reading (actually, I would say she is about where Brianna was 6 months ago - but it no longer looks like Callie will surpass her with Brianna's recent reading explosion!  This is something that Brianna was concerned about) and she is finally retaining math facts.  While she knew how to count on her fingers or to make circles or use counting chips to figure out math problems, she was not able to just REMEMBER them.  But now, she is doing great at retaining and remember her math facts all of a sudden.  I have no idea what changed, but I am glad of her!  And so proud of her hard work.  

Callie has more academic therapy things than she has ever had...which makes sense since she is getting older, but it came with a very physically demanding program as well.  We are looking at the real possibility that she will need foot surgery if nothing changes with how she stands and walks.  All of those who work with Callie are concerned about this and working on getting better form.

Then she had this crazy gait training study.  Don't get me wrong, I am so glad she had this opportunity.  I am thrilled with her progress.  And I am thankful for the education it also afforded me which has allowed us to continue...at HOME.  It is still time consuming to do gait training each day, but much better after cutting out hours of commuting each day!

This therapy session also includes our annual standardized testing, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's...which means it is really hard to keep therapy going in the midst of so many festivities!  I am still hoping for about 80% of therapy to be complete by the end!  We have made up quite a bit of ground since the end of gait training 3 weeks ago, and I hope for that to continue and carry us through all of the holidays we have coming up.

Yep.  This is definitely when therapy gets difficult, tedious even.  It takes dedication, consistency, and determination to stay the course, buckle down and keep going.  And it is such a blessing that Brianna and Callie both remind me what needs to be done many days, and ask to get their therapy done.  Their dedication and consistency is truly inspirational.  I am so thankful that God gave me such amazing children!