Friday, October 11, 2013

Zoo Pass!

I had not realized just how often I thought, "We can't do ___ because of all the littles who can't keep us, and don't want to stay in the stroller."  But what I really meant was...Callie can't keep up and doesn't want to stay in the stroller!  With her wheelchair, she has the option to see and explore where she wants to without being so fatigued...and when she is too tired, she is able to say that she would like someone to push her (and she did do this at the zoo!)

It was a long day for Callie!  She started with gait training (a wonderful session where she went all 30 minutes in a row with great step quality!), and then we came home and picked up everyone else to go to the zoo!  Mom was able to make this possible by being available and bringing her car and I brought the honda so that everyone could make it down there with the bus out of commission!

Judah loved to see everything!  He kept pointing and showing us all sorts of things, from vines hanging down, to flowers to animals, he loved it all!

I really liked this poster about just how big Africa is!  I thought it really put a good size perspective on it!

Ashley did such a great job being Judah's buddy!  He had fun, but is really not feeling 100% (neither is Serenity).

When I see a picture with all of my children, my first thought is that I am so incredibly blessed!  I thank and praise God for the wonderful family He has blessed  me with daily!

He is hard to see since we are in the shade, looking at him in the sun, but we have a giraffe baby at our zoo right now!  He was born about 2 months ago, and he is just so cute!

And the obligatory pictures with the lion statues!

Justice and Serenity really loved it when they could find a waterfall!

Ashley asked to have this picture taken - and promptly after that was told to not climb on the rocks by zoo staff...oops!  But it is a cute pic, lol!

I can hardly believe how big he is getting!

I enjoy watching the way that my children play and interact with one another.  They have taught me so much over the years!

and now with a zoo pass, we can come back again!  Fall and Spring are my favorite times of year to visit our zoo.  Crowds are generally generally down, the animals are active, and the weather is mild!
And even with a school field trip here on this day, it wasn't too crowded.

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