Thursday, October 10, 2013

Uh-Oh...But God is good, all the time!

The day started great!

Gait training went well.

I made it home, and we were able to get some therapy done - again with the WRONG priorities though. :-(

We made it out the door on time (mostly), and with all of our supplies to make the candle holders, the middles bags for little women, and the twins binders for daughters of the king.

We stopped at the dog park to let the puppies run a bit in the kind of iffy weather.

then we stopped at the library, ran in and returned some books, and grabbed others.

We stopped at one McDonald's to see if they have the Wizard of Oz toys that we still needed (Mom mentioned to the children that she would like to collect them, and with her birthday on Monday (this is being written on Saturday, about Wednesday), the girls really wanted to collect them for her...we only had 1 to find as of this point in time!)  They didn't so we continued on.

We stopped at another McDonald's, and they had the last toy that we needed!
Then I got back into the bus, and it wouldn't turn over.  It couldn't.  It acted like it had a VERY dead battery.  I had not noticed anything abnormal up to this point with the bus.  It just kind of stopped.

I let it sit, and tried it a couple more times.  I found someone to try to jump it.  I called Dad.  I called Christopher.
The bus was getting a bit cool for my littles who were not feeling so well, and it had been more than an hour of us being stuck there at this point...

I will say that everyone did a wonderful job!  We read books, we kept therapy going.  We sang songs.  We had a snack.  The children did a fabulous job of staying calm, playing on the bus, and being joyful!  In fact, the gas station manager and attendant, who I had the opportunity to give the reason for the joy that is within us, kept commenting on great it was to work with someone who has such a great outlook, and is not upset and angry and looking to take it out on whoever we could!

That is the peace of God!

My phone also has this weird glitch.  It keeps forgetting my contacts!  So, I was able to call Dad and get the number for our pastor, who lives very close to where I was stranded...right in front of the gas station.  (I almost NEVER park right in front because I have such a big vehicle...but this time, because I was just running in to see if McDonald's had this toy, and the parking in the row behind us - which is where I normally park at this Chevron/McDonalds - was too full for us to get into...)

So I was able to call and let them know what was going on (and that we wouldn't be making it to class!).  Since there was the class going on, there were lots of people at pastor's house.  They were able to send 2 wonderful women from our church (with their vehicles) and get all of us to a warm house.  The gas station attendant was able to keep my keys in the till so that when Dad finished his current task, and made it there with the truck and trailer, he could get it home.

From pastor's house, we were able to get a ride for all of us to get home.

All in all, I am just so amazed at God's goodness, faithfulness, and ability to work all things together for us!

All of this happened on a Wednesday afternoon.  We were all too tired to do much about the bus that day.  Which meant Thursday, I only had to take Callie to gait training - no choir or band for us!  It turned out to be such a wonderful, blessed day of rest that really was much needed for all of us!  God is so good!

Christopher was able to bring home an alternator, and Dad, as a birthday present to me, fixed it for us!  Along with fixing a broken lock on the battery, and he picked up all of the supplies for Callie's walking trough (another therapy project for her - more on this as it comes together in the days and week ahead).

On Friday, we had told everyone that we would do something special after the long week of gait training.  We decided to head to the zoo - and Mom had the day off, so she could come with us, which meant we could fit everyone into the 2 cars!  (Again, God worked it all out in advance for us!)  We had a wonderful time - but that deserves its own blog post!  

While we were gone, Dad got the bus up and running, so we are back in business!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family (and church family!) who is willing to pitch in, help out, keep a good attitude, and go with the flow!

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