Thursday, October 24, 2013

Therapy Continues...even in nice weather!

Therapy goes on.  Each day.  We are making up a bit of ground, and taking advantage of it being somewhat 'new' is day 30 of their programs, but because we have not been doing all of it, every day, like we normally would have, there is still a sense of 'newness' to it.

When we can, we bring things outside.

Some things, do not change...Like Callie tiring physically through her very rigorous program.

Brianna was not feeling well, but still wanted to get her therapy done last week.  So, we brought it on the bus with us, and when the others were in choir, I sat with her and listened to her read for as long as she was able.  (she has a lot of reading on her therapy this time!)

Did I mention she has a *lot* of reading?!  It actually makes up about HALF of her program this time around!

Which makes me wonder if maybe she is getting close to not needing to be on program anymore.  She has had so many wonderful improvements from neurodevelopmental therapy!  From her behavior and attitude, to coordination, to articulation, to socializing, to huge leaps in reading from using a neurodevelopmental appraoch, her eye sight has even improved being on program.  It really has been amazing to see the changes!

I am guessing that she still has another year left, but we will see.  It is fun of thinking of the possibilities, and the potential of her 'graduating' neurodevelopmental therapy!

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