Thursday, October 3, 2013

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Evaluations

We went back up to Anacortes to see Cyndi Ringoen for new therapy programs.  It is really a lot of work to get ready for these appointments as each girl has a packet of questions for me to answer...and this time was no exception.  It just happened to come right after the fair...and between studies through Children's Hospital for Callie...more on that in a day or two!

Cyndi looked over how the girls were doing, checked out things from their eye alignment to which side they are using for input (dominance), to how they are walking, crawling, knee walking, etc.  She checks how they are doing in math and reading.  She checks their auditory and visual processing abilities.  She checks up with their logical reasoning, and fine and gross motor skills and coordination.

At the end of all that, she writes new programs to help us bring them to the next level in pretty much all of these areas.  On my evaluation paperwork, I mentioned that their last programs were a little too short, so I added in some things on my own, what I added in and why.  She seemed to want to make sure that I wouldn't have to do that again, lol!  (Something I was a bit afraid of!)

She is working them both really hard in their math and reading skills this time.  She is also working Callie really hard physically!  She has several items that are very hard for her to get done!

We are probably most concerned about Callie right now.  She is pronating so much that she is causing a severe bunion on her right foot.  And she is rotating in at her hip so much that she is at risk for hip displasia.  both of these could cause the need for surgery, so we are taking both pretty seriously.  If she needs surgery for either before her growth plates close it is going to be a high likelihood for needing to repeat the surgery as she grows...

We have a major construction project for Callie to help with the hip turning.  It is a walking trough.  AS we get started on this, I will be updating more on what it is and how it is going.  We hope to have it completely finished in less than 2 weeks from when this posts...we will see how it goes.  We were told to start it as soon after her gait training as possible, but not until she is done with her gait training (more on that later), as that will be very tiring for her already!  My goal is to be even more diligent than ever to get therapy done for her to try to help her avoid surgery!

Both girls are doing quite well, overall.  Brianna's biggest jump was a 2 year increase in her reading comprehension.  Callie went up 4 months in both reading and math skills, and is finally starting to really retain her math facts.

Here is the only pic I got from the whole day - on the way home, both of my girls fell fast asleep!  It is a very long, and tiring day for everyone!

Now to implement these new programs until January when we go back for our next evaluation!

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