Monday, October 28, 2013

Movie Monday - Callie completes her first mile in the trough

This is not the best example of her walking in the trough...but it is when she officially completed her first mile (the first of what will likely be many!) in her walking trough.

This is a much better video that shows what we are trying to do with her walking trough.  The way she is learning to walk, and how it supports her as she does that.  Basically, the idea is that every step in her trough is supposed to be a good, quality step.  The reality is not quite there yet, but each step is at least BETTER so far, and we are working towards good quality with each and every step!

The goal is to DRASTICALLY improve Callie's gait over the next year.  My goal is that when we look back on these videos a year from now, we can praise God for the changes she has made, and how far she has come!

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