Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to Callie

When I look back on the all too short, all to fast 6 years that have passed since this tiny little person made her appearance...6 years since that long silence in the OR that followed her birth...6 years have passed like the blink of the eye and the countless miracles we have been blessed to witness God perform...As I look back on this, it is amazing to me to see just how far she has come!

The last month has been such a roller coaster of emotion for watch her struggle so much through the fair...then to make wonderful strides of progress her neurodevelopmental evaluation...then to have her go into a higher/more supportive AFO (kind of feels like a step backward)...then to see such strides in gait training...while also dealing with skin break down, and bunions, and rubbing, and callouses forming...then to have her get a wheelchair AND how much she loves it.  Wow.  It has just been a roller coaster!

But through it all, she has kept a positive attitude.  She has maintained her smile, and her laugh!  She has shown those qualities through difficulties to others...

Like the owner of Snapdoodle Toy Store in Bothell...who said that he was just 'enchanted' by Callie.  He mentioned her smile, and her laugh, her friendliness and willingness to talk to him.  (She told him all about gait training and therapy and therapy and how she was looking forward to being able to go home and get her therapy done that day.)  In fact, he was so enchanted by her that he gave her a birthday present...which he had wrapped, and told her she could not have it until her birthday.

Callie has been such a blessing for us!  It has really opened our eyes to the world of disabilities.  It has made all of us more sensitive.  Her attitude has been inspirational for us.  She has touched many who she has met.

And now is when we get to celebrate her!  We are going to have a birthday party for her next weekend...after gait training is done.  We will combine it with Serenity's 3rd birthday.

For now, we are going to say, happy 6th birthday to our sweet, funny, energetic, silly, determined, and inspirational Callie Grace.  We thank and praise God for blessing our family with you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Callie!! I can't believe it has been 6 year already. My boys are SPs with Callie and it is insane to think it has been 6 years.