Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grandma's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

It is a good thing she has all of these grandchildren - how else would she get her gifts open?!?

Or her cake eaten?!

And who would she play card games with?

We are thrilled that Christopher's parents live with us!  I love that the children get to have a relationship with their only living grandparents.  I love that they have extended family who enjoys spending time with them, and cares about having a relationship with them.  I love seeing their excitement towards their grandparents and the wonderful things they have learned.

For example, Grandma has taught the older ones how to crochet, and how to follow a crochet pattern.  She has also been the one on whom they love to try out practical jokes...and she is such a good sport about it!

She enjoys taking the girls out on dates individually.  They all look forward to time with Grandma!

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