Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gait Training

If all goes well, we will be finishing out 3rd week of gait training when this posts...

This is the lobby of the building that we meet in at downtown Seattle.

In the upper left of this pic is Callie's favorite fish in the big fish tank.  We have named him Harry Starbux.  (She is sitting in starbucks while I am on the other side of the tank in the lobby - but we have to go into Starbucks each day to use the restroom after the LONG drive to Seattle in the morning!)

Justice came with us one more because he happened to be awake, and Christopher seemed like he needed more sleep...it was so cute to listen to them in the back of the Honda!

Callie told Justice all about the things we did.  About the lobby and the fish tank, and the cities we drive through to get to Seattle...and when we finally made it to Seattle, she told him all about the "Ship Canal, and the Ship Canal Bridge that goes over the Ship Canal waterway below, where the boats can get through. The express lanes are on the lower level, and when we go home, we will be on the upper level, because the express lanes will be going the wrong way.  Oh, and there's the Space Needle!  It was build for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle.  That is how we know we are in Seattle."

It is something that I really wish that I could go back in time and get on video!

Justice thought that all the fish were pretty cool!

I have not really talked about how Callie did at all...here are the stats from the first part of gait training...
Day 1, she made it 13 minutes 14 seconds with about 3 breaks.  It was really ALL that she could manage that first day.  I was a bit discouraged and wondered if this would really be worth it that day!
Day 2, she made it 24 minutes!  She did that with 5 rests, in about 52 minutes total time.
Day 3, she made it the whole 30 minutes in 45 minutes time with 3 rests!
Day 4, she made it the whole 30 minutes, in 48 minutes time, with 4 rests.
Day 5, she made the 30 minutes in 45 minutes, with 5 rests.
Day 6, She went 30 minutes in 42 minutes
Day 7, 30 minutes in 37 minutes
Day 8, 30 minutes in 36 minutes
Day 9, 24 minutes in 28 minutes time.  She had a big blister on her foot that hurt her too much to keep going.  She was ready to be done.

On top increased time, she has gone from her slow speed of .8 and her fast speed of 1.3, to a slow speed of 1.0 and a fast speed of 1.8!

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