Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Follow That Balloon!

Justice spotted a hot air balloon that everyone agreed was the closest one they had ever we followed it to where we could see it really well and took some pictures.

Anna is hoping to be able to use at least one of these for the fair...I told her we would set them aside, and wait and see.  My camera is now putting some strange squigly marks on the photos...and the lens is not going in and out very well, it keeps getting stuck.  So a new camera might become a necessity in the not so distant future...but here is what we have!

The bus erupted with excitement each time it lit up! 

It was the end to a very long, fun day...that started with gait training, continued with choir and band, which started on this day (9/26/13) and then a small play date with friends, (who bring the twins home for us so that I can take littles home for naps - though on this day it was so nice that we played outside instead!), and then ended with following this balloon!

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