Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Enjoying Our Mild October

Each time we are able to take a walk outside, or go to the park, I wonder if it will be our last trip of the year...

So far, we have had a mild fall, lots of sunshine, or at least dry days, that we can keep playing outside.

Today, we went to the park!

Judah loves to see animals!

Forte was so excited about the ducks, that she kind of jumped right in after them - and seemed very surprised at the cold wet landing...and yet, she did it about 3 times, lol!

Callie practically had to drag herself back to the bus...we took a walk, went down to the water to see the ducks, played at the park, and by the end, she was totally exhausted.  She was not able to complete her last 4 therapy items tonight because of just how tired she was!

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