Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dad Finished Callie's Walking Trough

After several days of working on what turned into a bigger project than I had anticipated (something I seem to really excel at, lol!), he is done!

Here are some pics of the work in progress!

Now the trick is getting it from the shop into the basement, where it will be a bit easier to use - or at least that is the hope!

The idea behind this is for Callie's feet to kept straight, each foot, is in a channel so that she is unable to turn her feet in.  There is a partition in the middle so that she cannot cross her legs.  There is an overhead ladder for us to continue working on cross patterning as well, which she uses 25%-50% of the time.  Each step she takes in this, she is working on training her brain to take better steps.  She is walking 600 ft in this per day.

We are working very hard right now on gait training for Callie, continuing the journey we started 1 month ago.  I am still holding out hope, and praying that as we look back on these videos that I am taking now, we will be able to see some very real progress in her gait over the next few months to a year.

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