Thursday, October 3, 2013

Children's Hospital Studies

Callie was already involved in 1 study for Children's Hospital, and I do not think that I really explained anything about it...basically, they were watching how she walks, counting her steps (with a pedometer that we put on her ankle each day), and analyzing her stance, and her posture.  They are looking to estimate how much walking cp patients do compared to how they stand and the abnormalities with their gait.

Callie's gait falls into a category right now that is consistent with those who put themselves into a wheelchair by their mid twenties because their knees, hips and ankles hurt so much.  That is not what we want for her, so we are working on her form and function for walking.  She can go distance (like the ice caves this summer!), but now we need to really focus on her form...

Which leads into the next children's hospital study she is taking part in!  It is a gait training study, in which she is put onto a treadmill each day to work on the form and function of her walking.  She has up to 60 minutes to complete 30 minutes of walking, going 30 seconds slow, 30 seconds fast alternately.  So far, it is going really well!  We are seeing changes and progress to her gait on a daily basis.

Just getting into this study was nothing shy of a miracle!  God has so worked out the details of this, from her getting her AFO's really fast, to her turning the right age, just in time, and the time of day working out, even little details like this not interfering with existing appoints, such as for her neurodevelopmental evaluation, and everyone's dentist appointments!  Our church is helping out some with childcare and dinners for this as well.  It is humbling to see all that God has done to make this possible.

It is not without its challenges...the biggest being that Callie (for the first time), has decided that she does not like this therapy.  And I can't blame her, it is HARD work for her!  But we are seeing daily progress, so I am going to keep trying to convince her that it is worth least I think that it is, but that is worth another full blog post, lol!

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