Monday, October 21, 2013

Callie's "Most Funnest Day Ever!"

Callie's much anticipated big day!

We started off with a big trip to Costco!

Followed by a trip to the toy store...where the bus (with Christopher and siblings) was supposed to meet us.

But they had some trouble getting out of Costco, and decided they had better just head home - where Dad was able to fix the bus for us while Christopher finished some birthday errands!

Christopher, this is the game I was trying to explain...
Then it was off to gait training!  Yay!  (Ok, she really did NOT want to do this on her birthday...but she did it, and managed to do all 30 minutes in a row!)

 We have spent a LOT of time in the car in the last month.  Today, Callie kept asking me if I could 'still see that sign over there?'  I kept telling her yes, I could, as we waited in traffic, or in line, or wherever else we were...I finally looked back, to see that she was holding her hands up in front of the sign from her perspective, and asking if *I* could still see it!  I thought it was cute!

Another thing she keeps doing in the car is if I roll my window down, she tries to 'match' it with her window.

And of course, she has to share with her dolls!

This is what greeted her at the door when we got home!

As a 6 year old, I told her that she could now play uno with us.  We got her this card holder to help her, as it would be very hard for her to hold the cards without bending them.

Not only did she have a great time, but she won!


  1. Happy birthday, Miss Callie. I cannot believe that you are 6 years old already. I am sorry we missed talking to you on your birthday. It looked like you had a wonderful day. We love you! Mr and Mrs Noa, Alicia, Hannah and Christopher

  2. Happy birthday Miss Callie! It's been an honor and a pleasure watching you growing up through the years! I may be an old woman who is awfully close to 50, but YOU, sweet child, are my hero! Never stop being the incredible person you are! Sending much love from Sweden to you and your family!!