Saturday, October 19, 2013

Callie Therapy Update

By the time this posts, Gait Training will be done...

The drive to Seattle.

The long 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Getting to watch movies on an ipad while eating special snacks and drinking out of a special water bottle.

While this has been really a great thing for Callie, it has been very long and tiring on everyone around here!  It has meant a lot of very early mornings, lots of time with Mom being gone, which means our 'normal' schedule is not happening during this time...

We are very ready now to say,

"See ya later, alligator!"

(This is the area of the parking garage we park in for gait training.)

And that means saying hello to our regularly scheduled therapy and school program!

This manuver is called a duck walk, and it is very challenging for Callie.  She is supposed to walk, but so far, just getting INto this position is a real workout for her!

We are about 1/4 of the way through this session of neurodevelopmental therapy (just over 4 weeks in so far)...and we are only doing so-so.  With gait training, we just have not had the time to put into it.  But we knew that was very likely.  And Cyndi Ringoen (our neurodevelopmentalist) was also aware of that, and said not to worry so much about her program during gait training, but to get back to nt when it ends...

During gait training, Callie has completed about 1/2 of her program.  (Brianna has done a little better...she is up to about 65% so far.  She is doing such a great job being self motivated to finish her program on her own when no one is available to help her!)  I am really looking forward to getting some solid time done on these now!

We are working so hard right now to improve Callie's gait, to preserve her ability to walk for life, and doing it from so many different angles, too!  I am greatly looking forward to seeing the changes in the next few months!  I even told her that I think by her next birthday, she will be able to walk a whole day at the zoo (our 'whole day' means going in the morning, and leaving shortly after lunch for naps, lol!) because of how much better her gait is going to be.  I just feel like she is on the brink of some major changes!

(Brianna is doing fabulous with her therapy.  She is holding it together while being a bit 'reactive' right now to eating somethings that she shouldn't have fairly well.  She is just soaring in her reading ability right now!  She was challenged to read 100 books in 4 months, and has done 1/2 of it in less than a month!  She is working so hard, and really enjoying reading now, which is a huge switch for her!)

I am so proud of both of the girls!  I ask so much from them with their schoolwork and therapy programs, and they absolutely rise to the occasion!

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