Monday, October 14, 2013

A new construction project

Cyndi Ringoen, Callie neurodevelopmentalist is trying to work with us to help Callie's gait.  Somewhat technically speaking, her internal rotation on her right has progressed to a point of causing damage to her hip socket.  The internal rotation on her left is more noticeable than it has ever been.  She is also pronating much more than she ever has, which is causing bunions and malformation of her growing bones in her foot.  It is causing her to weight bear through her naviculars (the bone in the foot at the top of what should be the arch).

The mainstream medical community says that she is getting to a point where surgery is imminent.

Cyndi thinks it is not.  We just need to, in her words, "Fix the internal rotation."

Great!  Sounds easy enough, right?  Or at least it sounds like a good idea...Callie has a very difficult therapy program for her because of this.  And one of the things we were asked to build, and use as much as possible, is called a walking trough.

Here are the supplies we picked up to build what has become a massive project:

Including the ladder!

it is going to be 16 feet long.  It is going to have 8 inch rails at the bottom to hold her feet inside the trough.  It will have a 4x6  between her feet, with no more than 1/2 inch of 'extra' space for each of ehr feet, on either side of the 4x6 to make sure that her feet MUST STAY STRAIGHT.

Then there will be rails at the top that go right under her arms to keep her standing upright.  she won't be able to lean to either side, or lean too far forward, but must remain upright and put a foot out in front like she is supposed to do.

There will be an overhead ladder at the top to get some cross patterning and elongating on her weight bearing side.

The idea is that each and every step inside this walking trough MUST be in proper form.

The goal is for her to walk in this as much as possible.

This is one of 3 things that we have been given by Cyndi to try to 'fix' these aspects of her gait that are putting too much wear and tear on her body.  I look forward to seeing how this helps.  I hope and pray that this helps as much as Cyndi thinks that it will.

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