Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fair Baking

Limits.  This year, I set LOTS of limits for the fair happened to fall on the same weekend that we needed to be decorating our 4H dog booth at the fair, and we just didn't have the same amount of time.  I didn't see any way we could pull off a big party to help us eat all of the 'leftovers that we did not turn in...

So I made them use their math skills to cut their recipes down to 1 egg...that meant having the cut it in 1/4, 1/2 and 1/3...the middles needed some help, but I think their ability to manipulate fractions has greatly increased!

For the cakes, they cut them in half, then made the cake in just one pan.  They then cut it in half before frosting it - this meant that we only had enough for them to take to the fair - so we did not have ANY extra cake hanging around after the fair!  :-)

Each of the older 4 got to choose just ONE "special" cookie to do...I was trying to cut a lot of the specialty items so that we wouldn't be as pressed for time. (HA!  Ok, so that was my if that were possible this year - but it was a good thought, lol!

Bailey's tea cup cookies (if you were ever looking for a super cute, super involved, cookie that takes a long time to put together, here is a fun one, lol!)

Ashley's watermelon cookies (these were not too bad, really, as far as time and effort, and they were really cute!)

Brianna's brownie turtles...this was another laborious one!

Anna's cheeseburger cookies (and yes, they are edible cookies!  These were super cute, fun to do, and not nearly as laborious as Bailey and Brianna's choices - these might even show up again at some time!)

Ashley's lollipop cookies - not sure how she slid an "extra" special cookie in, but she did...

Anna's peanut butter blossoms - again, she got a '2nd special' snuck in there somehow...

Ashley's brownies

Brianna's star cake

Anna's piano cake

Ashley's heart cake

Bailey's train cake

Justice's monster truck cake
Brianna's bear cake
Anna's lightning McQueen Cake
Callie's flag cake (which she is disappointed that they threw in the garbage after fair, lol!)
Ashley's present cake
Bailey's musical birthday cake

Now, while I did set lots of limits, I also gave different freedoms.  I told the girls that they had to run the show.  I gave them suggestions (like decorated cakes 3 days before drop off, cakes 2 days before drop off, and cookies the day before.  Then to use the morning of drop off to get anything finished that needed it - this proved to be a really great schedule)!

The twins kept everyone going.  I approved all of their recipe cuts, and they did all of the work!  they did a great job with it, too!

The end results were certainly something that they should be proud of!

I am most certainly proud of my very creative, ambitious children!

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