Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Sultan Shindig

 We would have totally missed this event if it were not for the twins volunteering to work with the horses that live on our street for a ministry called 3H, Horses Healing Heroes.

We decided to bring the younger 6 children to watch the parade!

There were a lot of really neat things to see, here are just a few of our favorite floats.

Judah was so tired, but held it together to watch the excitement!
He really just takes everything in!

We had to keep calling the children back as they kept encroaching into the road, lol!

And here's my big girls in the parade!

And their ever protect Daddy volunteered with them...
Is he a great Daddy or what?!  He even took THIS kind of a job!

I am so blessed to have a husband like him!

Looks like it was time to reign them in again!

We came home and enjoyed some time outside and in the pool.  Christopher and the twins worked until about 4 in the afternoon!  The girls were especially tired.  (The twins and Ashley had volunteered the day before to give the horses baths, brush and braid their hair, and get them ready for the parade.  So in 2 days the twins put in about 14 hours of community service!)

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  1. That looked like lots of fun. Christopher even looked like he was enjoying matter what the job en"tail"ed! What a great family outing.