Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Change in Piano

Looking at the pictures here, this is NOT going to look like 'piano' as the title indicates...

But, we now have a new piano teacher, who happens to be an older daughter at home, and a member of our church!

We go to her house...for 3 hours each week.  Which is a long time to entertain the littles on the bus.  Her house is very close to the children's museum though!  we are not able to go to the children's museum with all of the children anymore.  They require a 1:6 ratio of ADULTS (18 and older) to children...and with 8 children, it means that I cannot take them alone.  I am able to leave 2 at piano (giving us 1 1/2 hours to work with!), and go with six children.  I will alternate who I leave so that everyone gets a chance to go, as it is a lot of fun for all of them!

We were not overly prepared on this trip.  I didn't tell the older ones that we would be doing this, so we had to clean everyone up from the sandbox, put shoes on them, put them in the bus, etc., which took a lot of time.  So this was a very fast trip!  I hope our next trip we can spend more time there!

It is a challenge for us to get done with as much school and therapy as we can in the morning, and then to get everyone out the door, I think everyone is enjoying our new piano routine!

I am also enjoying that the new piano teacher, Miss Benito, requires the girls much higher level of mastery when it comes to their pieces in order to move to the next piece!

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  1. That sounds like a very good change. I can't wait to hear their new skill levels. You have some very talented young ladies (and I am sure young men, when they are old enough)