Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Look at the Ice Caves Trip

Callie's accomplishment was so great that it deserves its own post!

She walked ALL THE WAY THERE!  1.1 miles!  This is almost double her longest walk so far.

She worked so hard to keep her feet straight!

And she wanted to climb on, and get closer to everything her siblings did!

For the first 2/3 of the way there, Callie led the way!

Only taking a hand when we insisted on it because of a steep drop off.

She fell a total of 6 times in 1.1 miles!

And for the last little bit, probably the last .1-.2 miles, her Daddy stuck out the very slow pace that Callie needed to be able to finish on her own two feet!  She really, REALLY wanted to be able to walk all the way there, and she did it!  Though at times, Christopher had to remind her that she really wanted to make it ALL the way on her own.  At times, he said she would just sit down in the middle of the path, saying she was too tired...and he told her that she could do it.

In the end, she went ALL the way there.

Not most of the way, but ALL the way!

This is a very tired Callie finishing up her walk to the ice caves.
1.1 miles all by herself.  Wow!

She played on the glacier, then rode in the stroller on the way down.


You did it!

We are so proud of you!

(And she is very proud of herself, too!  She keeps asking if we remember when she walked all the way to the ice caves by herself!)

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  1. How awesome!! What a great accomplishment for her. For someone who was not supposed to be able to walk on their own, she has made great strides, thanks to the tireless work you all have done in her therapy and the great encouragement she gets from her family. Great job, Miss Callie!! I am SO very proud of you.