Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A weekend away - Day 1

This year, we have started reading biographies aloud in the evenings.  We have just finished our 4th book (since the end of April), which was Thomas Edison.  At one point, the book record Thomas Edison as looking out at the ocean from an ocean liner and thinking that one day all of the world's electrical needs would come from the ocean.

Christopher gets very little time off.  And for the 4th of July this year, he had a FOUR day weekend!  We decided to make the most of it, with a quick trip to Grand Coulee Dam to learn about and see this process that we had read about last month, in action!  Grand Coulee Dam is located about a 3 1/2 hour drive from us.  We got up leisurely, packed, and left around lunch time.

Snacks for the trip

This is basically the peak of the Stevens Pass,
this is where the clouds stop, and the blue sky begins, lol!

Our only rest stop to stretch our legs and go potty,
What does everyone do?
They find a place to sit in the shade, lol!

There were several layers of big rocks to climb on along the river bank...
But it was hard for me to let my children do this.  
Even with their father right there with them...
And littles having older buddies.

My happy smiley baby!


Everyone did such a great job traveling in the bus.  I love to hear them laugh, and play and sing as we drive along.  I do not remember hearing any complaining or arguing along the trip. (though I did sleep quite a bit of the drive, too!)  It is such a joy and a blessing to travel with my family!

We checked into our motel, and then headed to the visitor center museum!

The divers wore these incredibly heavy suits so that they would sink to the bottom of the river to work.  The helmet is 80 pounds, the suit itself is an additional 40 pounds and the shoes are 24 pounds.

As you can see, my children really enjoy hands on activities, lol!

Despite my best efforts, I could NOT convince her to to turn
around and look through the correct way.
My amazing husband pointed out later, that she couldn't SEE in it
without the step she is on, which is only on this side!

Everyone thought this was a fun fact!

And a cool model of the dam!

This was a great informational exhibit about how the dam creates hydro-electricity.  Everyone had fun turning the cranks and trying to get the house at the end of the electrical line to light up!

They had all sorts of old tools, and artifacts as well!

After we finished as the visitor center, it was time to wait...we had about 90 minutes to wait for the big light show on the dam.

Fortunately, my children do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves, each other, and well, everyone watching them, lol!

As it got dark, the anticipation grew...for everyone except Serenity.  Who kept telling me how tired she was.  And that she wanted her blanky and to go to bed.

Though she perked up a little when they started to spill more water, overall, she didn't like the laser light show for the same reason she didn't like the fireworks...too loud and too big!

Justice kept asking me to take pictures of this, or that, but my camera really didn't get very nice pictures of the light show.  It was too far and too fast for my camera!

Besides Serenity, and Judah (who slept through the light show), everyone really enjoyed the 37 minute laser show.

Then we went back to the motel to get some sleep...sort of.

DH and I took advantage of our very tired little girls, and the 2 rooms and 4 beds we got in our motel.  We put the older children (the older 6!) in one room, and the younger 2 in our room, where we were able to have some snacks and watch a movie together for a date night in.  I really miss getting to have date nights day perhaps it will be a bit easier to do.  For now, it is not!

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