Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome Chicks!

We had a different hen go broody.  This time, she has hatched out 7 cute little chicks.

And everyone is enjoying these little blessings!

I just love to see Callie's excitement in the next 2 pictures!

Our coop was designed to hold 12-15 hens.

We knew it was tight when our last broody brought us up to 17...
But with these 7, bringing our total to 24...well, it just simply is not going to work anymore!  Especially when you consider that I have 2 more hens who are sitting on eggs at the moment, lol!

Today's project is building a new coop.  Then over the next week or so, we will make a run for them so that they are more secure from predators.  

(Updating my blog is going on while the menfolk are getting some lumber for our project - and before tonight's project of formatting the hard drive and starting over!)

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