Saturday, June 22, 2013

School Changes

With a full therapy schedule for 2 of my girls, I really do not have time, and honestly HAVE not had enough time to get school done to a level that I would consider acceptable for the last 3 years.  So, we are (finally!) going to try something different.

We are moving everyone over to Alpha Omega's Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS), at least for 4 of their 5 core subjects (Language Arts, Science, History and Bible).  The last subject, math, is already on the computer, and going we are going to stick with teaching textbooks (TT) for that!

I am looking forward to this, but also a little concerned about our computers...TT has been a challenge because our computers do not always work reliably.

We actually have a whole stack of laptops that we have collected.  We are working on getting them fixed up and running, so that we can have each of the older 4 have a computer station.  Then I also need a computer station for therapy as well...So ultimately, we need to have 5 computers set up so that I can get all of this schedule for the same time,  which is going to be a requirement for it to work on our schedule - which is getting a major overhaul with the computer school!

On the computer, the girls will have Bible, language arts, science, history, math, and typing.  We will also still do history and science, together, but it will be more for fun, rather than 'for real.'  We also read biographies in the evenings together as a family.  The girls have lots of projects for home ec going much of the time, not to mention the cooking/cleaning that they help with frequently!  I am hoping that this makes for a good addition to our schooling.  I am hoping that it streamlines things for them, and that they enjoy it.

It really is a huge change for us.  I have always been against screen time for children...and yet, here I am giving them lots of it each day for school...I hope and pray that it goes well!

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