Saturday, June 22, 2013

Piano Festival

The girls worked hard leading up to their piano festival!  They each did a music project (which I have at least mostly already blogged about!), along with performing a piece (1 for each of the middles, and 2 for each of the twins), and they also took musical exams.

They had assigned time to do different things, and we had quite a bit of down time as well...and for the down time, we utilized the play ground for the church we were using.

Then it was back inside for other performances...

And then back outside!

They did a great job, and collected ribbons, which was a lot of fun for them!

We look forward to getting the results from their musical exams next week, when I have a parent/teacher conference with their music teacher.

I have recordings of their performances, that I will try to get uploaded to youtube in the next week or so, too!

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