Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man!

 We had such a fun time celebrating Justice!  He is so much fun.  And he is very different than his sisters.  He wanted to go out to lunch with Mommy, and when he heard that Daddy would be home, (after working ALL NIGHT, and until noon the following day (a 28 hour shift), he wanted Daddy to come, too...and with that, how could his Daddy say no?  We took him to Red Robin, while the older girls stayed home and decorated the house for his party!

Then he got to pick out what kind of cake he wanted (Lightning McQueen), and frosting (blue with sprinkles?) and helped Anna make it!

She used a shaped pan, and did a great job decorating it to look like Lightning - even with the blue frosting, lol!  (she used lots and lots of red sprinkles to cover up the blue!)

Justice got a new roundhouse for his train table (which has just be set up again, and is like new all over)!

A cowboy dress up set and...

"Shooters!"  As Justice called them.

He has been instructed to not point the new guns at people or our pets...but that he can shoot at any coyotes that come into the yard, or any imaginary bad guys or animals.

After everyone went to bed, I played dress up with Judah, who had been trying really hard to get to all of Justice's new things all evening - but all of his older siblings move too fast for him, lol!

Isn't he cute?

Happy birthday to my talkative, story loving, ticklish, strong little man.  I can hardly believe that he is 4 years old already.  It seems like such a short time ago that he was born...and now he is running ahead to open doors for people, and asking if he can close doors for people, he tries to carry in groceries, and find other ways to use his muscles.  He likes to look for bugs and snakes.  Loves to ride his trike with the trailer (and to give his sisters rides).  And loves to curl up on someone's lap and listen to story books.  He enjoys playing with his trains, and his cars. He loves the water, and anything having to do with outside!

What a blessing this little guy has been to us!  What a privilege it is to be his Mommy.  He adds so much to our family!  I thank and praise God for Justice so often.

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  1. Mr. Justice, it truly is hard to believe that you are already 4 years old. How I remember the pride in your parents the day you were born. What a blessed day that was. You are truly a little gentleman. I look forward to see how you will become a warrior for God.