Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chicken coop project day 1

As I mentioned, the chickens are way over crowded.  They really need more space.  So today was the day that we working on building a new, bigger, stationary coop!

We dug a trench, and buried a 2x8 to avoid predators from coming into the coop.

It has very much been a family project!  Everyone has been working today.

Then we put up a wall, with a big vent window for the chickens.  This will give them with fresh air, light, and help make things cooler in the summer.  We will cover part of it in the winter to help keep things warmer.

Alright, so almost everyone was working - but we took breaks, too!

Even Judah joined in for a bit!

Dad is really the mastermind behind the construction and design of the coop.  He will stand there and think about things...asking how we want things to be in the end...and then come up with how to make that happen.  We are so blessed to have him!

Framing in the nest boxes.

Bailey getting a lesson in how to use the saw.

We definitely put in a solid day's work.  It is not done, but we have a good start on it.

This coop will be 12' x 5.5' with 12 nesting boxes, and it will be the full height of the overhang, to make it easier for us to go in to get things.  There will be a door for us to get in from a storage area, also under the overhang, where we can put straw, feed, etc.

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and FIL!

And for my hard working family!

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  1. I love our family, love. You all are so amazing.