Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day in the Life

On a good day, we start with getting everyone up at 6:20...otherwise, it might be an hour, or more later before everyone gets up in the morning!

We come downstairs for Bible.  The girls especially love it when Daddy is here for this part of our day, too!

The littles spend time playing quietly while we do read alouds.

Then we have breakfast, and do a quick clean up.  During this time, we check on animal food and water, too.

After our clean up time, we move onto individual school time for the olders, and therapy for Brianna and Callie.  The little ones get to play on their own with school time activities to keep them busy.

Brianna working on some of her school/therapy.
I am so grateful that her therapy encompasses her school work, too!

 The twins and Ashley have language arts, typing and math on the computer (and will hopefully very soon have Bible, Science and History added as well!

Brianna has math on the computer.

All 4 of the olders have piano practice, which is mostly done in the morning.

Then the twins also have more animal chores and training.  In 4H they have to do all of the grooming and upkeep on their show animal.  And they have to work on some training.  They are planning on showing the puppies at the Evergreen State Fair this year!

The puppies both got new hair cuts this week.

The girls did a great job - the puppies look great!

Brianna deep in thought with the flash master (a math tool that drills addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts).

Callie looking over Bailey's shoulder as she plays a spelling game.
In between school and therapy, we try to keep laundry going.  Like most things at our house, this goes better on some days than on others!  Ideally, I am able to fold each load real quick as it comes through.
This is the first 4-5 loads of the day, folded and  ready to be put away...I kind of lost count of the loads of laundry.  But rest assured, I have PLENTY left, lol!
By the time we are done with school, it is lunch time!  Again, during lunch I read aloud.  I normally start with history, if we have not had a chance to do it earlier in the day.  If that is done, or sometimes in addition to that, I read whatever other book we are reading.

Today's read alouds...
We read 2-4 chapters of the Old Testament in the Chronological Bible.
1-2 Chapters of the New Testament, in a regular Bible
Then we read the chapter of Proverbs that goes with the day of the month.

We also read through Mystery of History together, whatever lesson we are at for the day.
I really love this history curriculum!

We read through biographies in the evening.  Tonight, we will be stating Lillian Trasher.

And we often have another book going...right now it is "God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life; The Myth of the Modern Message, by Ray Comfort.
(So far, I am pleased to report that my children do NOT share the views of the majority of young people their age in the church!)
After lunch, the girls do a quick clean while I read and play with the littles.

Then it is littles' nap time.  I currently have 3-4 nappers each day.  Callie is getting to where she is napping less and less though.  I go up and listen to a sermon, or a part of a sermon while I make sure the littles stay in their beds and go to sleep.

The girls then have some free time!

We come back together at about 4:30 for another clean up time.  Then I start dinner, often with 1-4 helpers.

While we eat dinner, or after dinner before bed most nights, we have one more read aloud time, when we read a biography.

It is such a joy and a blessing to be able to homeschool my children!  I love getting to learn with them each and every day.  I love the opportunity to be here for them.  I love to see their joy and excitement when they find a new chick has hatched, or when they catch a frog or a snake.  I love to share their enthusiasm when they understand why something happened in history, and now, as they see the patterns in history repeating themselves all the way up to the present day!

I love being able to be the one to dry their tears, comfort their hurts, encourage them in their weaknesses, witness their milestones, laugh with them, enjoy their strengths and talents, and learn with them each and every day.

I am so richly blessed that it is almost embarrassing!

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  1. Wow, Michelle, that is a great schedule. It is so much easier with the older helpers to get so much done every day. I love the ability to have the children work on their own too with the school lessons. You are do an awesome job!!!