Friday, May 24, 2013

What is Callie's favorite therapy activity this time?

Therapy really is a family affair.  Everyone helps out with therapy, from Serenity, and even Judah at times, up to Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma!  It is the only way we can get 2 extensive programs done most days!  (We shoot for 4-5 times through their programs each week.)

This is Callie's very favorite activity in her therapy program this time.  It is so nice that she always has at least one that she really loves.  It makes the things that she doesn't like much easier for her to take to know that she gets to do something loves afterwards!  This activity is so much fun to do with Callie, but she likes it so much, that she has trouble doing it.  The purpose of this is to improve Callie's hand/eye coordination.

As a side note, her other favorite activity is taking a 'long walk.'  So far, she up walking at least 1/2 a mile each and every weekday!  She normally doesn't fall more than 3 times on her walk.

Not long ago, we took the time to go back and look over Callie's videos...we went from counting steps, to counting feet, to now being able to count in MILES!  Wow!  What a miracle to be able to witness these things!

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