Sunday, May 26, 2013

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Update

We meet Cyndi Ringoen at the Ship Harbor Inn in Anacortes.  She sees the girls one at a time, then I get to go talk with her.

This time, I wasn't excited about what I had to go tell her...that we really haven't done anything in the last 6 months or so, except what they did for fun.  In fact, no school or therapy had really been done in that time...but that is for another post!

Brianna waiting with her Daddy while Callie and I went in first.

Miss Cyndi does all sorts of different activities to test the girls' abilities and progress.  Then she uses this information to write their new programs.

Next up, it was Brianna's turn.

While I was in with Brianna, I could see Callie playing out the window.  After awhile, she started to wave at me.

After going to get some food, it was time for me to go in and be taught how to do our new programs.  It was interesting to see the progress that they made...and it wasn't nearly what it has been in previous times, when we had actually done a lot more on the programs.

(It is a very long day to go and do this, starting from early in the morning, and going until dinner time!)

Brianna has made some good progress in the areas of reading and math (and all without getting school done!), and she has also made a great deal of progress in her attention span and ability to sit still, mostly due to what we are learning about her food intolerance and sensitivities.

Callie made a great deal of progress in the areas of balance and much so that Miss Cyndi wants her to try ROLLER SKATING! (Yikes!)

I am glad that we went and got new programs.  I feel like I have a renewed sense of direction and vision.  I feel like we have a renewed sense of purpose for getting the therapy programs completed.  And I feel like Callie and Brianna have a new excitement about their programs...they both have some activities that they really like, and others that are really challenging, too!

I look forward to seeing the progress the girls make in the next 4 months!

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