Thursday, May 30, 2013

Music Festival Projects

The girls have a music festival for piano coming up.  They had to select different categories to be entered into.  Some of them are performance based, others are music challenges or quizes/tests.

Then there is this 'presentation' category.  They get to choose anything the want that represents music to show in this event. 3 of these projects have already been introduced on an earlier post.

Bailey finished up her cake (and I think it looks great!).  

Brianna put the finishing touches on her pinata.

And here are all of our exhibits!

I am so amazed and in awe of all that can does.  I am in awe of God for the individual talents that He bestows upon us.  I am amazed that while I am their primary teacher, that they can learn things like this that are far beyond my own skills, but because of the talents and gifts that God gave to them, they are able to bloom in this area!

I am so thankful for this opportunity for them to use their creative skills!

I am so proud of how hard all of you have worked for this music festival.  You have all done a wonderful job.  It has been such a joy and a delight to listen to you practice your pieces, scales and arpeggios!  It has been so exciting to watch your individual creativity come out as you work on these projects.

It really is such an honor and a special blessing to have all of you as my daughters.  I praise and thank God for you each and every day!

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