Sunday, May 26, 2013

Music Festival Projects

My big girls spent a good deal of last week doing crafts and art things for their upcoming music festival.  Anna painted this picture with In The Hall of the Mountain King (a piece she played in band this year) in mind.

Anna learned techniques from watching youtube videos and reading how to paint blogs!

I think she did a GREAT job!  I love her blending and shadows on this piece.
(This is her first time working with acrylics and her first time working on a canvas!)

My littles wanted to paint as well, just because everyone else was!

We also worked a lot on paper machet projects.  The middles are doing their projects out of paper machet.

And we greatly appriciate Grandma's eye for what looks good!

Ashley worked especially hard on her project!

Brianna's finished pinata.

Ashley's finished doll.

Bailey will be making a musically themed cake this week (so it is fresher for the festival) for her project.

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  1. Anna, you did a beautiful job painting that mountain scene. Ashley, I really like your paper mache doll, it is very creative. Brianna, great job on your pinata. There is definitely a LOT of talent in your family Michelle.