Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Mini Mummies"

We are once again studying ancient Egypt.  One of our projects was to wrap each other up as mummies.  We decided to use our littles because, well...mostly because they would take up less toilet paper to wrap up, lol!

Serenity was NOT a big fan.  She liked the idea, but didn't want to have to stay still, and when it came time to being completely covered, she thought it was a better idea to break out and run away.

Callie was a very patient little mummy.

She not only enjoyed being wrapped up, head and all, but she liked getting to break free!  She said it made her feel strong.

Justice wasn't so sure...he was a bit concerned when we were wrapping up Seren, and he was a catalyst for telling her to run away.  But he saw that Callie really liked it, so he wanted to try it on one condition.  He wanted ME to wrap him up, so I did - very quickly.

Justice had the most fun ripping out of his mummy wrappings, lol!

We really enjoy hands on learning projects.  And this was certainly a fun activity that all of us could be involved in!

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