Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Movies

An online friend, and fellow blogger (though with a great deal more experience than I have - I actually got the idea to blog about our everyday life from her and thought it was a good idea when my inlaws went long haul trucking to let them know what was going on here...but I digress...back to Kate)

Anyway, Kate (very) suddenly, and (VERY) unexpectantly, had to say good-bye to her 5 1/2 year old son, Gavin, who had an unexplainable cardiac arrest.  We were in the same expecting club with Gavin and Callie...but only because Callie was early.  I followed her blog from the start, seeing how Gavin pulled through time and time again...I have seen miracles happen through this child.  I have seen him persevere through insurmountable odds.  I have seen him go from a diagnosis of probably never being able to sit, to being able to walk across the room, to the amazement of his doctors.

Gavin, among other things, had cp, just like Callie.  My heart is broken for this family.  Broken beyond words.  All I can do is pray for them.  (Mind you, I have never met them in person before, but I have talked with Kate online...)

One of the things that struck me is just how special those little video moments are.  Looking back at Gavin in a video brings back all of his accomplishments...and so, in Gavin's memory and honor, I am preserving those precious moments that happen each day with my own children.  Not just because something could happen to them, but because one day, I won't have a household of children, and I will really enjoy looking back at these.  And I think my children will, too!  I have not done it because it just never really occurred to me!  Now is the time.

So, for the month of May, expect to see lots of short little videos of my children!  We are very much enjoying it already!  It may not be everyday, but it will be lots of days - and our regular posts will still happen as I make them as well.

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