Friday, May 31, 2013

Callie's new shoes

For the first time EVER, 5 1/2 year old Callie, had her feet measured at a shoe store.  Then she got to pick out shoes, again, for the first time EVER that fit her little feet!  She chose these cute princess light up shoes.

Then we brought them home and modified them.  We took a pair of flip flops, and tapered them from the midline of the shoe to the instep (going from level on the middle of the shoe to about 5/8" on the inside edge).

Here is the video I took of her first steps in these shoes.  I am amazed at how doing this has made her heel go down.  And her gait looks really good.  Her pelvic structure also has good alignment.  She is not able to wear her theratogs while she is in these shoes, as they need to attach to her AFOs.

From this point, she has gotten more confident and more steady in her new shoes.  One of her favorite things is that she can put them on and take them off all by herself!  (Something she has never been able to do before!)

The theory behind this is that the AFOs are a very rigid structure that are trying to mold her feet into a position.  When in reality, it just gives her something to fight against.  These shoes are allowing her feet to bear weight on the area of the foot that it is supposed to (NOT pushing into the arch, which is what Callie does).  These shoes really do not give her anything to fight against.  We are doing this as a trial to see how it goes.  To see if the callouses on her feet go away.  To see if the alignment of her toes gets better.  And if things do not improve, we will go back to her traditional AFOs.

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  1. Wow. She was taking some great steps. She looks great and very happy. I am truly amazed at her progress. Keep it up Miss Callie. You are doing wonderful.